A poem to Share – Love is always Present


Love is always Present

It always has been

and always will be.

It is free.

It has no boundaries.

Being always present, it is just

waiting to be called forth.

Knowing you are loved by All Love

is the beginning of awakening.

You cannot love another truly

until you can love yourself at depth.

Love is, at essence, All there really Is.

To be outside of Love is to be in illusion –

a false dream that has no Reality.

True Love, when allowed, shatters the dream.

All Love is your love –

you have only forgotten –

It never left.

It does not come and go

and it does not come from without.

You call it forth from within.

Love, awakened from within,

is called Clear Vision –

it sees the Truth contained in All that Is.

That truth is to see the ecstatic, eternal glory

present in all creation.

The love you now perceive in others

is only the One Love –

the love you give — reflected back to you.

No one has more love than anyone else –

nor any less.

It is only that some are

further along in waking to it.

Forgiveness is the birth canal

of True Love into our awareness.

How does it feel to be expecting?

We are all pregnant!!!

Dennis Kahn

© August 25, 2013