Andrea Frase: Journey Home to Love (Sacred Bridging)


“Sacred Bridging® Group Healings and Workshops”
Photo taken after a “Sacred Bridging® Group Healing”
Andrea facilitates her own “Sacred Bridging® Group Healings and Workshops”
Andrea’s “Sacred Bridging® Group Healings” are also available for: Spiritual Retreats or Private Groups
Create a new dimension of experience for your Retreat or Workshop and offer your group a Whole New level of Healing!
For further information on costs and how to arrange for a Sacred Bridging® Group Healing” for your Retreat or Workshop, write to: or call Her at 978-433-1910.

We were meant to connect.  As soon as we spoke I felt the energy. I knew she had heard the call of my heart for one who could contribute, who could speak Spirit and open minds to possibilities beyond our dreaming. 

I invited her to present. There was a knowing in me and a deep trust that she offered something important to our group.  She gave a “healing” through “Sacred Bridging®” That night was one of the most powerful of my life. She gave us everything by allowing her body to be in complete service to Spirit. Her voice, her Navajo-like language, her rattles, and Sacred Drum and movement set our psyches twirling until we were disarmed and discovered the beauty and power of a world beyond this world.

Andrea continues to heal, to bridge the distance between our mortal lives and the wisdom of Spirit. She is unique. Her work offers us a journey of passion. Is this a recommendation? YES! And I have sent many to her sage-sweetened table, but it is more. It is a witness of a woman who loves very deeply, who wishes to end all suffering, and who has a gift so uniquely graceful that the woman herself disappears and Spirit ushers in a pathway of light. It is meant to be walked by those who trust and are willing to cross the bridge to God.

MaryBeth Scalice, M.A., Ed.D.
Therapist in Private Practice and President, Foundation of Open Hearts


“I have experienced “Sacred Bridging®” sessions with Andrea over ten times. It is a wonderful meditative and spiritual experience that gifted me with an intimate connection with Source in each session. It is normally not easy for me to enter into those elevated states of consciousness, so I really appreciate the journeys that Andrea has led me on. I have had Andrea lead her “Sacred Bridging” sessions at five of my retreats and everyone raved about her and their experiences. Andrea is talented woman who has a natural gift for that I would recommend to anyone.
Love, Richard
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