Andrea Frase: Journey Home to Love (Sacred Bridging)



Here are just a few testimonials from satisfied clients who have enjoyed the benefits of Andrea’s work. 

My first experience with Sacred Bridging®occurred in a private therapy session with Andrea Frasé. It was indeed a deeply profound experience, but one that I cannot describe because I seemed to have been in a deep hypnotic state. I recall some of the emotions that I felt afterward which was mostly a deep sense of peace that is beyond words to describe.

 My second experience was listening to her new CD, “Journey Home to Love” in my home. This time I was intent on paying attention to my experience in such a way that I could later describe it. I was only partially successful however. I still slipped into a profound and peaceful trance, but before I did I was very much aware of the great range of mystical sounds coming through Andrea’s voice and the multiple levels of emotional vibrations surging through my body. It took me out of this world in a way that was uplifting and filled with light. It was beautiful and I did indeed feel blessed by her loving, caring presence.

 —— Dr. Ken Fiery, Nashua Study Group of “A Course In Miracles” 


‘Andrea is a results oriented advisor who is not bound by dogmatic thinking. She gives 100% to her clients. She works with her clients on issues that matter to them. And what are the results? Being able to be in the present moment opens up possibilities one would never expect. And Andrea provides support for those possibilities. She is truly a unique and trusted advisor.’ — Toby K.

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative 

‘Andrea is amazing… her depth and knowledge of her craft, her talent for knowing and reaching beyond the walls we put up are truly remarkable. Working with Andrea has helped me mentally and physically and beyond that has shown me how to find the true person I am and how to continue a journey I am happy to be on.’ — Laurie C. 

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity

‘Superb & talented professional. Focuses on the individual. Flexible and creative, strong and clear, she uses powerful tools in the gentlest manner. She will help a willing client open new portals, see the universe anew, and manifest undreamed of results.’ — Margo G.

Top qualities: Great Results , High Integrity , Creative

‘Working with Andrea is a pure delight, she is very dedicated to her work in helping people identify how they live either through their heart or through their mind. Her work has helped many find more peace within and joy with everyday living. I highly recommend her work to all who want to find inner strength to be successful in whatever they choose to do.’ — Deborah B.

Dear Andrea, 
Thank you for the amazing session. It put me into a deeper connection with my heart that enabled me to be clearly able to be confident in all of my decisions!
— Love, Amy 


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