What is Sacred Bridging
Andrea Frase: Journey Home to Love (Sacred Bridging)


Healing is awareness!  You cannot change what you are unaware of!

 Become “In”-Powered through the awareness of discovering who You really are!

Sacred Bridging® sessions

First and foremost, Every session is individually designed for each client.

 Each client will learn the interconnectedness of their thoughts, and how they impact their life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

  • Sessions begin with an Abundance Ritual, followed with an Intention Ritual for each session.
  • Next is the Spiritual Life Coaching. Everyone wants to be heard, and this is the place in each session where a client presents what they want to work on and why, and Andrea assists in “navigating” and bringing clarity to the issues with each client.
  • After the “Healing Conversation” is completed, we begin the integration of what has been discussed.
  • The client moves to the massage table for the Integration. Here is where we begin with breath work and sound vibration work, as well as some movement.
  • When the client has reached the point of full expression, they move into deep relaxation.
  • Andrea then completes the sessions, while the client is in a deep relaxed state, singing her Sacred Songs and Chants while playing her Sacred Drum,to assist the client in integrating the work more deeply and completely. .
  • At the end of the Drumming, the client slowly transitions into a seated position, feeling peaceful and complete.

*Read further for those of you who want a fuller explanation

Healing Conversations

Communication is one the most important keys to healing your Self and others. Expressing ourselves through language is how the cognitive (left brain) thinking aspect of us begins its healing process. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. Healing Conversations offers you the opportunity to be heard and understood, as well as helping you learn how to open, express and articulate your feelings and ideas more clearly through your use of language.

One of the first steps in anyone’s healing begins with a conversation. Saying something out loud to another person changes it from an intellectual thought into a living reality. Healing Conversations with Andrea is an opportunity for you to begin sharing your life experience with someone who understands the process, and will help you navigate the challenges in your life. Every session is designed to offer clients an opportunity to learn how to articulate their feelings and become comfortable with the Self-healing process. Nothing in your life will change until you change. You and no one else hold the keys to your happiness. Take that first step toward freeing yourself from the fears that limit you, and move toward a more creative life filled with more joy, prosperity, Love and freedom to be your Authentic Self.

Breath Work

Breath is Life! The very first thing that we all have to do in order to exist on this planet is Breathe! Our Life on Earth began with our first inhalation, and we will leave with our last exhalation… and Life is all the breaths we take in-between! Using and reconnecting to the power of your breath is one of the fastest and best means to quiet your mind, remove toxins from our bodies, open your Heart, and connect you to your conscious and unconscious thoughts that you are manifesting your life with, that may or may not be supporting you.

Andrea coaches you on establishing a variety of breath rhythms throughout your session that will open and reconnect you to your Truths and beliefs that you manifest your life with. The breath cannot lie. Our Breath always reveals the Truth, because our breath comes from our Non-physical Life Force Energy, our Spirit / Soul, our ‘I AM’, which is here to discover Its Truth. It is here to learn the Truth about Love. Since all things in life begin from Within, we have to discover our own Truth about how to Love our Self before we can sincerely move Love out into our world.


Andrea encourages you to engage your physical body to assist you in moving your emotional, physical, and psychological blocks to free your Heart and Spirit. Using your own body to physically express your feelings is very powerful. So much of who we ‘think’ we are is related to and through our physical form, making it a perfect vehicle to tie all the aspects of the healing together. The physical form is engaged at different moments throughout the session, while the client is using their breath and Voice. When physical movement is added to the Sacred Bridging® sessions, all 4 aspects of the client’s ‘Being’ get integrated fully.

Sound Healing

Sound/Vibration is the Universal language of all Creation, that eliminates all sense of ‘separation.’ Andrea and her clients use vocal sounds to raise the level of the client’s vibration to a higher Spiritual state, which also simultaneously grounds the client in the present moment. Helping the client expand their vibration through sound allows the client’s Spirit to feel free and safe, allowing the mind to focus in the present moment. Sound/vibration is interwoven with breathing techniques, because when the client follows and focuses on their breath and the vocals sounds, they are able to fully open to their own body’s natural healing process, and their inner Truths, that have been waiting to be expressed and experienced.


Andrea assists her clients in discovering their Truth by empowering them to use their own Voice. Clients use sounds as well as words and statements to express themselves during their sessions. Finding your Truth and using your Real Voice to express It is a very empowering method of healing your Self. Some of us have held unexpressed feelings in our bodies for lifetimes. Finally bringing them into your Conscious Reality and giving them a Voice is Transformational! Andrea accompanies you in this process by using her Sacred Voice and Drum.

Sacred Voice and Drum

After clients have released their blocks, their whole body, mind and Spirit relax into a state of peaceful bliss. While the client is serenely enjoying their bliss, Andrea continues clearing the energies, using her Sacred Drum and Voice to help the client integrate the work more deeply and completely. Sacred Bridging® is a Conscious Journey to Self Real-‘I’-zation, which Opens You to the ‘Voice and Consciousness of your Heart, for a lasting Healing.

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