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Andrea Frase: Journey Home to Love (Sacred Bridging)



‘Sacred Bridging Healing Conversations’ Radio Workshops

Andrea hosted her own weekly International Radio Show called ‘Sacred Bridging Healing Conversations.’ It was broadcast weekly from Boston, MA, and streamed via the Internet, as well as weekly from San Francisco CA. and Sedona AZ.

‘Sacred Bridging Healing Conversations’ Radio workshops are now available for you to purchase and download to have for your very own, and take them anywhere you want and listen at your convenience.

Andrea offers listeners alternative ways to look at how to approach life’s circumstances and situations.

Her Workshops are very informative, and there are a lot of wonderful ‘nuggets’ on life that you can glean by listening to her show. 

She encourages new levels of awareness within her listeners by asking them to look at life through the perspective of their hearts and not their fears, because only Love Heals!


March 28: 
Can self-doubt teach you surrender?



‘Sacred Bridging Healing Conversations’ Radio Workshops

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